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Build An Aerobatic Aircraft: RANS S-9 Chaos

RANS Chaos S-9

RANS manufactures aircraft and bicycles in Hayes, Kansas. It sounds like a crazy combination, but they've been in business since 1974 and now offer a lineup of 12 different kit aircraft, ranging from single-seat tube and fabric ultralights through sleek high-performance composites.

This is the S-9 Chaos, introduced in 1986. It's a single-seat aerobatic aircraft capable of pulling +6 / -4 G's. The Chaos is an incredibly light little plane, weighing a tad over over 400 lbs dry. It's powered by a Rotax 582 which puts out a mere 65 bhp. An aerobatic fuel system is available for the engine -- vital to keep it running while flying inverted. The best part about the S-9 is the price. A complete airframe kit costs $10,100, plus another $5,417 for the Rotax engine. There are few machines that offer this kind of fun for so little money. Expect to spend 300 to 500 hours assembling the kit.

It goes without saying that aerobatic flight required professional instruction, dedication and practice.

S-9 Chaos aerobatic kit aircraft (RANS Aircraft)
S-9 flight report


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