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Upside-Down Marmite Makeover, Just Say No!

Old-new marmite

[Giles Perkins continues his Marmite series by standing on his head in the supermarket aisle -Ed.]

Whilst the thought of a Marmite makeover might be some people's kind of living hell (on the whole - I think I'd quite like it), this makeover I'm definitely not happy with. The interloper that's muscling it's way into the hallowed yeasty hall of fame is a sqeezeable version of the brown gloopy stuff's retro-trad brown glass jar, and to add insult to injury it's upside down!

Because the world can't wait a goddam second, Unilever (who now own Marmite) have also changed the viscosity of the heavenly veggie dream sauce so that it oozes from it's new plastic bottle more easily, gone is the manual dexterity required to tease the last remnants from its brown stubby jar, replaced by a quick squeeze round the back of the toaster for instant gratification. I'm fearing the squeezy, drippy Marmite is going to oust the stalwart spread from it's deserved place in culinary history so, I'm taking a stand and stocking up on the good stuff..... they'll never take me alive with a squeezy Marmite!

When he's not gulping down Marmite on toast, Giles runs OnSuper8.org, the premiere website for Super 8 filmmakers.

The Official Marmite World Headquarters


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