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The Airstream 75th Anniversary Trailer


Retro Thing readers are a talented bunch and I get excited when someone emails to ask if we're interested in running a piece about something they've "put together" in their shop. That said, I wasn't quite prepared for David Winick's latest project. You see, his hobby is restoring vintage Airstream trailers. Beautifully. The Airstream factory was pretty impressed with the job he'd done on his 1968 Caravel, and they commissioned him to create their limited-edition 75th Anniversary model.

Winick's design is an interesting combination of the richness of first-class railway cars combined with a distinct nautical flavor, thanks to the round porthole windows and vents. I find something incredibly alluring in the rich "metal and wood" look and this glistening camper evokes a powerful emotional response.

The Anniversary model is based on Airstream's 19-foot Bambi trailer and sports a list price of just over $60,000. Winick tells me that he spent many years designing sets and props for film and photography and is intrigued by mid-century modern design. His passion for classic design is obvious -- he managed to successfully combine beautiful aluminum curves, rich wood veneers, upholstery that's reminiscent of the 1940s, along with an ultra-modern flat screen television. The final result is almost enough to make me want to live in my driveway.

The Airstream 75th Anniversary Prototype [vintagetrailering.com]
More About the Bambi on the Official Airstream Site


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