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Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Wooden Automobiles


Mercedes Benz is getting a lot of press for their 100% recyclable RECY roadster entry in the LA Auto Show's Recyclable Design Challenge. The competition encourages manufacturers to put together an environmentally conscious car. Mercedes has taken the challenge to heart by using wood in its construction, and I'm a sucker for a sleek wood-grain finish. It's kinda like an old Woodie station wagon with some extra testosterone. Of course, the treehugger in me screams out that there's really no such thing as an environmentally friendly sports car.


The RECY is by no means the first wooden car -- Check out Jerry Nickel's wooden Cadillac. It features dual V8 engines and 4,183 individual pieces of mahogany, five gallons of glue, 60 pounds of drywall screws (so it doesn't squeak?!) and four gallons of varnish. It took him four years to assemble and -- thanks to it's 1000 cubic inches of engine displacement -- is anything but environmentally friendly.

RECY: the Recyclable Wood Roadster from Mercedes-Benz
[via a tip from Matrix... thanks!]
Jerry Nickel's Wooden Cadillac


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