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DAB Retro Radio Thinks It's a Marshall Guitar Amp

Marshall radio

It looks like Nigel Tufnel has picked up a new gig as a digital radio designer. The £99.99 PURE Digital Evoke 1XT is designed to look just like a teeny, tiny Marshall amp. It goes without saying that the volume knob goes all the way up to 11, although I doubt its little 3-inch speaker is capable of making the walls shake.

Just like it's much more conservative older brother, this modern DAB rocker does away with unnecessarily old-fashioned doo-dads such as analog AM/FM reception. A mini-jack output enables you to connect an external speaker to enjoy your favourite Black Sabbath oldies in stereo. Alas, this clever little product isn't available in North America, because terrestrial broadcasters here are stuck in the stone age.

PURE Digital Evoke 1XT Marshall Edition [via Crave UK]


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