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Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Scalextric 50th Anniversary Slot Cars

Scalextric50catalogue Scalextric slot cars were introduced at a British toy fair in 1957 and are still going strong 50 years later. They're probably the reason I smile whenever I detect the smell of an electric motor on the verge of burning out. To celebrate their 50th year, the company has something special planned:

"One of the first two cars ever made by Scalextric was a Ferrari 375 made in tinplate. We have lovingly reproduced this iconic car of the Fifties again with a tinplate body but to todays high standards of detail. We have then matched the 375 with a modern day Ferrari to represent 50 years of Scalextric. These fine pieces show how Scalextric can now produce classic and modern cars whether they are raced on track or displayed in a cabinet."

The 50th anniversary boxed set also includes an intriguing hardcover book by Roger Gillham. Scalextric: A Race Through Time offers 144 pages of full-colour slot car fun that celebrates the brand's unique appeal to "car-loving males" everywhere. Available mid-2007.

The Official Scalextric 50th Anniversary Page [via retrotogo]

Scalextric Slot Cars


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