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Massive Vince Clarke Studio Auction

Vince Clarke

Erasure and one-time Depeche Mode synthesist Vince Clarke is doing a little spring cleaning. The truth of the matter is that everyone's favorite synth boffin now makes his home in rural Maine, so you're infinitely more likely to spot him bombing around in his Jeep Larado near the Damariscotta River than you are to run into him in his former suburban London home/bomb shelter/hobbit hole.

He's auctioning over 160 pieces of mostly vintage audio equipment from his UK studio, including a Fairlight CMI, EMT plate reverb, Roland Space Echo, and much more. Five items will be put up for auction each day, starting Wednesday October 24th (yesterday). This promises to be a fun set of auctions to watch. By the way, is that a Sky TV dish lurking to the right of his studio? No wonder we had to wait so bloody long between CDs...

Vince Clarke Studio For Sale [via Matrixsynth]


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