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Rob Fulop's Final Atari Game To Be Released

We talked about Rob Fulop during our celebration of Atari Week.  Imagine my surprise when I got an email from Rob letting us know that he is about to release the last game he created for the Atari 2600: Actionauts.  The game will be available on a genuine cartridge in a limited run of 250.  It's an unusual game, especially considering the cramped confines of programming on the Atari. 

The action happens on two screens.  You alternate between the display of a maze that you guide your virtual "robot" through, and the screen where you enter the sequence your robot will follow.  Your reward for all this work?  Your robot gobbles down some tasty cheese (possibly a chunk of Robo-Roquefort or Mechanical Monster Meunster) at the end of his pre-programmed path.

On his blog, Fulop says the game was inspired by the cycle of debugging software, running it to find more errors, debugging, etc.  Personally I'd rather think that it's the 80's virtual reality version of programming a Big Trak.

Actionscreen2Fulop hasn't announced the price on the first run of 250 carts, except to say that it will somewhat higher than the price of regular homebrew video games.  Actionauts looks to be a testimony to the continually surprising versatility of the Atari VCS, and a showcase for a very clever programmer.  So who's going to be the first haxor that converts Actionauts into a way to control a real-life robot with the 2600?

Read more about the game at Fulop's blog.


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