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Tilt Documentary: The Battle To Save Pinball

Tilt DVD

Pinball has been a fading industry for several decades. Former industry giants Gottlieb, Bally, Data East, Chicago Coin and Williams are long gone. In fact, Stern Pinball, Inc. is the only manufacturer still producing machines in the USA (oddly enough, Gary Stern's latest company was founded in 1999, following the demise of all the major industry players).

Pinball 2000 Greg Maletic's Tilt: The Battle To Save Pinball is a powerful new 60-minute documentary that explores the mysterious demise of Williams - the world's largest pinball manufacturer. The company faced a make-or-break moment in 1998 - they needed to create something radically new to survive. The designers put their heads together and came up with the revolutionary "Pinball 2000" system that fused pinball and video game technology into a single amazing unit. And then - inexplicably - the pinball division was shuttered in 1999 so that the company could focus on the lucrative slot machine industry instead.

The film has been making appearances on the gaming show circuit and an excerpt will be shown at Vintage Computer Festival 10.0 in Mountain View, California this Sunday (Nov 4, 2007). A $29.95 2-disc DVD set is available for pre-order from the Tilt site. It features over 3 hours of additional interview footage, a director's commentary track, the original Pinball 2000 promotional video and a video tour of the former Williams factory.

Visit the official site for more info: Tilt: The Battle To Save Pinball


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