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Rotorway A600 Talon Helicopter Kit

Rotorway A600

RotorWay had been manufacturing recreational kit-built helicopters for forty years. They moved into a brand new manufacturing facility in Chandler, Arizona earlier this year and recently unveiled the A600 Talon, their latest homebuilt kit. The Talon is no toy - the company has sold over 800 helicopter kits and this design incorporates dozens of improvements to the company's proven Exec 162F model.

The 2-seat A600 Talon has a cruise speed of 100 mph, a service ceiling altitude of 10,000 ft and a two-hour range. Customers can choose between two RotorWay-built power plants: the standard RI 600N (147 HP) or the supercharged RI 600S (167 HP). RotorWay lists a minimum build time of 300-450 hours, but expect the process to take longer than planned.

This machine is a complete redesign that incorporates a state-of-the-art glass cockpit by MGL Avionics, Kevlar skid shoes, inertia seat belts, a reinforced tail boom with shaft driven rotor, and a next-generation FADEC electronic engine control system with full component redundancy. In the event of a malfunction, a redundant system is engaged automatically. Useful load is 535 lbs, including a 100 lb baggage compartment. The new aircraft also boasts a larger landing gear that offers easier access to the optional accessory pod.

The introductory price for the A600 is $97,500. The machine is sold as four sub-kits, allowing you to spread the purchase across months or even years. RotorWay also offers excellent on-site flight training to ensure that your first flight isn't your last.

Visit the RotorWay International site for more information


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