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Minox Unveils A Digital Spy Camera

Minox DSC

Minox is renowned for their sub-miniature "spy" cameras used for clandestine photography during WWII. After the war they continued to produce an elegant range of minuscule cameras that shoot 8mm x 11mm film. The market for traditional film cameras isn't what it once was (to say the least), and Minox has slowly embraced digital photography.

The Minox DSC is their first digital camera to mimic the size and form of their classic sub-miniature line. It measures a mere 86 x 30 x 21mm and weighs around 60g, while managing to include a 3.2 MP image sensor (interpolated to 5.0 MP), 128 MB internal memory (expandable with MicoSD cards), rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and the ability to shoot 640 x 480 pixel movies.

To keep the size and weight to a minimum, Minox created a modular design that incorporates an LED flash and 1.5" LCD display into a separate plug-in flash unit. The camera and accessories are scheduled for release at Photokina 2008 on September 23rd. There's no official word on price, but you can bet it won't be cheap.

Minox: License To Shoot

German Technology For The Discerning Old-School Spy


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