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R.I.P. Bob May - The Man Inside The Robot

There was a man in there all along?

We lost actor Bob May this weekend. He had worked for years as an actor and stuntman in Hollywood, but his most famous role was undoubtedly as the man inside the robot suit in the 60's sci-fi classic "Lost In Space". Studio legend has it that he got the job because he was on the Fox lot the day they were looking for someone who could fit the confines of the elaborate costume. He got the job, though he did not voice the robot. That job fell to Lost In Space series narrator Dick Tufeld.

His first "acting" job was at 2 years old in his grandfather Chic Johnson's infamous Bradway comedy revue; Hellzapoppin'. Of all the roles over a long career, he cited his tenure as the robot as his favorite.  He even referred to his cramped costume as "home away from home". Because the suit was so difficult to remove, he'd stay in it during breaks in filming. Co-stars often joked about the cigarette smoke they frequently spotted rising out of the robot.  May was 69.

Gettin' hassled by the hu-man...


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