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Channeling Captain Kirk

A great way to make a solid first date impression.

Few of us have the immense presence that catapulted William Shatner to fame as Star Trek's intrepid lead. However, you could easily build a replica of his command chair to help while away your evenings making phaser sounds and bellowing orders at the cat.

From the New York Times: "Mr. Veazie, 27, was not yet born when the show first went on the air in the 1960s; even his parents were only teenagers. During his childhood, there were Star Trek spinoffs on TV with more sophisticated special effects than the original, and a more contemporary sensibility, and there were also movies featuring the old show’s actors aboard updated versions of the Enterprise. But Mr. Veazie, who watched endless reruns of the original series with his mother in the 1980s, was never drawn to those later incarnations.

'The original show was the first one I saw,' he said. 'It was so idealistic. A lot of us kids wanted to be Captain Kirk - and part of that was the chair.'

Mr. Veazie, a manager at Underwriters Laboratories, built the chair himself last year, and has been gratified to find, since installing it in the living room in May, that 'when someone comes in, it’s the first thing they comment on.'"

Getting Their Kirk On [New York Times]


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