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Two New XGameStation Retro Consoles

16-bit retro gaming

Nurve LLC's Chief Scientist Andre LaMothe just introduced us to the latest XGameStation retro gaming boards. He says, "We developed two new AVR and PIC development boards in collaboration with Atmel and Microchip respectively. The two kits are very complete, come with everything users need including power supply, programmer, API, printed manual and more. They use retro gaming and graphics technology to keep the user's interest as he/she learns the processors."

XGS AVR 8-bit video demo

The new game systems include NTSC/PAL video, VGA, Serial Ports, Micro SD card slot, PS/2 Port, Game Ports, Expansion Ports, Dual 3.3/5V Power Supplies and more. Both kits include a 300+ page book that guides the user into the depths of the system.  APIs for graphics, sound, I/O and interfacing are provided to speed game development. Nurve also developed a high performance XGS BASIC for each system, allowing users to choose from C/C++, assembly or BASIC when coding.

The Microchip-based XGS PIC 16-Bit Development System (256K flash, 16K SRAM, 40+ MIPS processor) retails for $159.95, while the Atmel-driven XGS AVR 8-Bit Development System (64K flash, 4K SRAM, 20+ MIPS processor) goes for an even more reasonable $139.95. Let me know if you get your hands on one and create the next big retro game!

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