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For Sale: Historic Fairlight Computer Music Instrument

Fairlight test machine

Fairlight specialist Peter Wielk is selling an original Fairlight CMI IIX test machine.

He says, "This system was a test machine in the Fairlight factory in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney around 1983, and subsequently lacks some of the cosmetic finesse of production systems, as can be seen in the pictures. There is no front panel, a missing side panel, and the rear panel is unpainted, however none of this affects the operation in any way. Two MIDI in ports and two out enable the Fairlight CMI to integrate seamlessly into any setup, and plugged into any MIDI keyboard or sequencer, can be creating music within minutes.

It’s no exaggeration to say the early Fairlight systems defined the music of the 1980s. They were the very first commercially available samplers, and one of the composition pages, Page R, was the worlds first screen based sequencer. Little wonder that some of the most innovative musicians of the time embraced the CMI so passionately. Peter Gabriel, Kate bush, Stevie Wonder, Tears for Fears, Yello, Thomas Dolby, and many others used the CMI to define their sound."

Fairlight Page R graphic sequencer

The system doesn't include a front panel or silkscreened back panel (it's hand labeled with a Sharpie), but I think that adds to its charm. It includes a classic Fairlight alpha-numeric keyboard, along with a new LCD monitor (no light pen, unfortunately). Unlike many dodgy Fairlights that show up on eBay from time to time, this one has been serviced and tested by someone who knows what he's doing. It includes the full Fairlight sound library, manuals, cables, the latest software and a 3 month warranty.

Fairlight IIX MIDI. Fully working, warranty, library [eBay]


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