Few people have heard of it, yet many consider John Blankenbaker's KENBAK-1 to be the first commercial personal computer.

Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Say Goodbye To The Urinal Puck In Your Dining Room

Give a hoot. Don't stink up the house. 
Stinky homeowners have always had options. Potpouri, emptying lemon scent aerosol sprays into the air, or maybe one of those urinal cake shaped "stick-ups" you can still get today. Or you can just chase the dog out of the room, blaming him for something we both know he didn't do. These days, de-stenchifying technology is even more advanced. There are plug-in products that heat scented oils, potions to sprinkle into the carpet, even an automated spritzing system activated by motion.  It's amazing to think that for a few dollars you can have what amounts to a little robot who's sole job it is to make you reek somewhat less.

Throughout the 70's I remember a lot of plastic doo-dads with a scent-soaked pad inside. There was a vaguely metronome shaped one that I saw at endless grandma's houses. It had a performarted white plastic front, a colored back, and peeling a sticker off of the face of it set loose a forward attack of freshness. These were always a bit strange. Who-oo-oo's the stinky one around here?You were basically admitting to having a stinky house by displaying this upright butter-tray thing right where everyone could see it. Pretty much every retro and modern room deodorizer (sorry - "air freshener") had the problem of being a bit conspicuous.

Enter the Wizard Decorative Air Freshener. Designed to look like collectible figurines, each wax figure is atop a foam pad that releases the sweet, sweet smells of herbs and citrus for 90 days. I remember commerials for these in the late 70's, proclaiming them to be the only air freshener you don't have to hide. The company created far more designs than I'd ever realized, even creating colorful ones themed for holidays.

From the Flickr collection of eefoxocubeInevitably, you can find collectors buying and selling these on Ebay. I should know better than to doubt that every kind of object, deodorant or not, has a collector community around it - in this case, a collector community with sweet smelling houses. I must admit that I appreciate the effort to disguise these air fresheners, so I think that I may take a tip from a homemaker's magazine on how to recharge the pads in an fresheher. Maybe I can start using my 30 year old room-deodorizing owl. In the interest of going with an authentic scent, do any of you know what owl pellets smell like?


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