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Inland Glass Carafe Celebrates Coffee With Mad Scientist Style

Coffee carafe as found in nature.

Sometimes I wish that I drank coffee. I've never liked the smell or the look of it, so I've never partaken – and as both a Lutheran and a Midwesterner, I realize how shocking this must seem to you. The reason I wish that I drank coffee isn't for the pep (you've probably realized by now that the last thing I need in my life is a stimulant), but for the accessorizing.

Coffee is such a huge part of our world, that there are countless ways out there to celebrate it. Whether it be yet another asinine novelty mug (according to countless coffee mugs, my mother doesn't appear to work anywhere), or just a cool design on an otherwise utilitarian device.

This coffee carafe has a lot of ideas going on all at once. There are the jubilant gold & brown graphics displaying various coffee bearing vessels. There's the overall Erlenmeyer flask (or “I Dream Of Jeanie” magic bottle) look that could only come from the 50's or 60's – and that goes for the crazy handle too. But I think that all of that pales compared to the lid/stopper. Echoing the overall gold & brown, it has a pointy chevron-shaped handle. Wow. No wonder it turns up at from time to time on classic TV shows.

Do not step on the stopper in bare feet!

I've said this before, but having a high sense of design is sometimes most important where it is least necessary. Imagine all of the thought and design that went into elevating this day-to-day vessel to a vestige of pop art – a time capsule! 1959 was a good year for Inland Glass, and the rest of the coffee pounding world I'll gather.


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