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Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Max Headroom Finally On DVD!

M-M-M-Max on DVD f-f-f-finally!The egomaniac in me wants to think that the good folks at Shout Factory were reading Retro Thing when they decided to finally put the 1987 Max Headroom sci-fi drama out on DVD. It's long been on my DVD wishlist, and you can pre-order the whole series on Amazon right now.

I'm especially interested in the visual quality of the episodes. The series was shot on 35mm film, but the post-production work was done on video, as were many shows of the day. This would knock down the resolution of the image from full film quality to standard definition composite video. Another interesting point is that Max Headroom purposely intermixed film and video (mixing media like this has always been very uncommon in US television) for effect. Since the series is the story of a futuristic telejournalist, we see his camera's point-of-view as raw video. It was a very evocative technique, setting up the visual difference between staged cinematography and frenetic handheld camerawork.

I'm really excited that the whole series is coming to DVD this summer in a classy box set (with an animated lenticular cover!). I haven't found a listing of what will be on the discs, but there is plenty of material out there to include extras on the cultural phenomenon that is Max Headroom. Or might I suggest a little item on the famous Max Headroom video pirating incident?

Now we just have to figure out how to get the original 60's Batman TV series issued on a shiny silver disc...


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