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Hair Trimmer Comb: Barber-ism Begins At Home

Back when I had hair (that grew in the right places), my mother had one of these Hair Trimmer Comb gimmicks. The plastic handle conceals a couple of alarming double-edged razors. You're meant to simply comb this through your hair (the instructions say that you should count the strokes on each Hair-timmer-line-art-miniside to keep hair even length). This gadget is designed to extend the time between haircuts by trimming just the tips of your hair with its comb -blade combo action.

So maybe I don't fully understand the nuances of this device, but how does it know what bit of your hair is okay to slice through? As I recall with some embarrassment, the thing just shaves a big trough in your hair. Yes, that could potentially delay a trip to the barber, but speed up your trip to the Army recruitment center. Fortunately after only a few tries we saw that the gadget was a bust. Despite lavishing 79 cents on it (marked down from a dollar!) it was okay to just throw it away.

It reminds me of when I finally made the decision to start shaving my head. I was thinning on top, and every hair style I tried made it look like I was vain and was trying to hide the inevitable. I knew that the time was right when I realized that haircuts cost twenty dollars, and clippers cost just $12. That day was the beginning of my adventure as a member of the pate patrol. Then again if we'd hung on to this cheap tetanus factory, perhaps I could have gone bald a lot sooner.


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