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Taito InvaderCade iPad Arcade Cabinet


Woah. It looks like the iPad arcade cabinet thing is gaining momentum.

Taito is poised to release a Space Invaders iPad cab in October. It's designed to work with their Space Invaders HD app, naturally. The 31 cm tall cabinet includes built-in stereo speakers and a charging dock. There's also a headphone jack, in case you want to try out your new toy in your cubicle without the boss knowing. Or something

Unlike ThinkGeek's well-endowed iCade, the Taito cabinet features only a single button and the joystick. It remains to be seen whether other titles will be released to take advantage of the InvaderCade, but a Japanese list price of 15,800 Yen (over $200) may sharply curb its appeal.

Space Invaders InvaderCade For iPad [via TUAW]


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