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Rebirth Of The Nintendo Entertainment System


[Update: The Generation NEX is now shipping and Kotaku reports that it isn't compatible with many original NES games and that color, sound, and gameplay are wonky.]

Messiah Entertainment has started selling small quantities of the Generation NEX console, a brand new clone of the venerable twenty year-old Nintendo NES. Priced at $59.99, this 1.5" high unit features dual cartridge ports to accept either NES or Famicom games (legal copies, right kiddies?)  It ships with a single wired controller but has built-in 2.4 GHz wireless to support up to four untethered control pads. It offers two wired ports that accept all the old NES accessories as well. Interesting to note it offers stereo sound although the original NES was mono. These guys seem to have a secret or two up their sleeve.

Messiah has attempted to duplicate 100% of the original NES functionality with their own custom chipset, but it looks like they're still doing some final testing to confirm full compatibility. They were apparently selling pre-ordered consoles at last weekend's Classic Gaming Expo in San Francisco, but I haven't seen any reviews pop up online. The NEX is slated to ship in quantity sometime in September 2005.

This looks like an interesting unit, although one has to wonder how many people will shell out almost sixty bucks when old NES machines can be found at garage sales for almost nothing. Still, never look a retro horse in the mouth.

Generation NEX Console (Messiah Entertainment Inc.)


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