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Pocket Watches For Druids

Stonehenge pocket watch
When one of my co-workers left to live the life of a nomad, we sent him on his way with an engraved pocket watch. It was the perfect gift since he never wears a watch but always asks the time.

If a traditional pocket watch seems a tad to stodgy for your New Age sensibilities, try the Stonehenge Pocket Watch. Pop this little artifact open and you're greeted by an exact scale replica of Stonehenge. The case includes a handy compass to help modern druid trainees align themselves properly with the sun.


For those (like me) who spend most of their time indoors, the watch includes a handy-dandy traditional analog clock face on the reverse side of the case.With a bit of practice you'll be able to estimate the time fairly accurately, and predicting the exact moment of the winter or summer solstice will be a snap.

If you're on the hunt for a more modern mechanical wristwatch, check out the affordable Poljot Russian watches we mentioned in July.

Stonehenge Pocket Watch ($42.95 from Sharpe Products, Inc.)


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