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Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

The Perfect 16 mm Movie Camera

I know perfection is subjective, but the Aaton A-Minima is a brilliant little movie making device. It weighs a mere 5lbs, somehow appears classic and bleeding-edge at the same time, and shoots top-notch Super 16 images. Of course, perfection has it's price -- a basic A-Minima costs around $15,000. If you find the price tag shocking, consider that most other professional motion picture cameras run $50,000 plus. Very few indie filmmakers actually own equipment like this; it would be financial suicide. Instead, they rent the best gear they can afford and shoot quickly.

A-minima handheldThe A-Minima accepts 200 ft (60 m) spools, giving just over 5 and a half minutes of shooting time per roll. It's quiet enough to capture synchronized sound, and light enough for a lone cinematographer to handle without  a crew. This makes it a popular choice for documentaries and hand-held shorts.

Just in case you're wondering why you'd go to the trouble of shooting film instead of HD video: It looks absolutely stunning in comparison. Super 16 transfers extremely well to digital (for editing), and it offers considerably wider exposure latitude than video. Besides, it already has the "film look" that videographers are always trying to imitate. By the way, if you're feeling generous, I'd love one for Christmas.

A-Minima Super 16 motion picture camera (Aaton)


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