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Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Snazzy Sextants - For When You're Really Lost

Tamaya Jupiter
Once upon a pre-digital time, seafaring explorers had to rely on the sun and stars for navigation. They used Sextants to measure the angle of celestial bodies (sun, stars or geostationary space stations) above the horizon. The angle and time it was taken could be used to compute a position line on a navigational chart. Of course, this didn't do a lot of good for intrepid explorers traveling with incomplete, incorrect, or non-existent maps.

The Tamaya Jupiter is a beautifully modern sextant. It weighs almost 4 lbs (1.8kg) and includes a molded plastic carrying case. After that, I admit to not having a clue:

It has many of the features of more expensive sextants yet still has impressive +/- 12 arcsecond accuracy.  The large 57x42mm index mirror and 57mm diameter horizon offer a bright view.  The inclined handle provides a natural and comfortable grip.  Built to rigid specifications and engineered for quality, the Jupiter professional marine sextant is the most popular selling sextant Tamaya offers.  The Tamaya Jupiter Sextant offers full illumination on both the arc and drum.  Interchangeable 4x40 or 7x35 monocular scopes are available.

[Mental note: Add "Learn to use a sextant" to my list of things to do before I'm relegated to Shady Acres Retirement Village.]

Tamaya Jupiter Sextant
(Stanley London)


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