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Some Girls are Bigger Than Others

[Giles Perkins continues exploring the boundaries of Retro...]

Somegirls"Manchester, so much to answer for," or so sang it's favorite son Stephen Patrick Morrissey of The Smiths fame - well little could he have known what would be happening down the road in nearby Salford two decades on.

This week, the futuristic looking Lowry (named after the much admired artist of the same name) is host to a truly retro-music event "Some Girls are Bigger than Others". Conceived by the Anonymous Society, this unique happening brings together a string quartet, live theatre performance, film projections and twenty of The Smiths finest tunes. However, this ninety minute Smith-fest has divided its usually loyal and unflappable Mancunian fan base.

With its conceptual production, dance and hugely re-worked songs, the event has bemused many with its left-field interpretation of the sacred writings of The Smiths. Still wishing I had snake hips and a quiff to die for, I was positively lost in the onslaught of strings, Super 8 flicks, stomping and bizarrely baroque versions of the songs that once-upon-a-time defined me. Now resident in LA, I doubt Morrissey will experience this homage first hand, but for those that still love The Smiths, catch it while you can - just don't take it too seriously!

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