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T-Amp II -- The Next Generation


[UPDATE: The new Super T-Amp went on sale in early January 2006, priced at $139. See my update here for more information.]

Well, it looks like Sonic Impact has been watching and listening to everyone who's been playing with their cool little $39 T-Amp. The brand new T-Amp II is slated for release any day now. It features the same audiophile Tripath TA2024 digital amplifier chip that everyone's been raving about, along quite a few tweaks.

For an extra hundred bucks you get a redesigned circuit board, along with a sleek new case featuring a much more solid volume knob, a separate on/off switch, and a proper set of high-quality input and output connectors. In short, it's everything that people have been doing to their original T-Amps. Oh, it has the de facto "cool" blue LED on the front panel, too.

According to the review at 6moons, the new amp should be available any day now. I have a feeling this will be one of the hot audio products for the holiday season. That said, the original T-Amp remains an incredible bargain, although it's getting increasingly hard to find as word spreads throughout the Blogsphere.

My advice? Buy one of the original $30 T-Amps while you still can. It's by far the best bang for the buck you'll find.

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Our recent "under the hood" look at the original T-Amp

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