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Krasnogorsk K-3: 16mm filmmaking on a budget

Krasnogorsk 3
This spring-powered 16mm camera was manufactured in Russia until the early 1990s. It accepts standard Kodak 100ft 'daylight load' film spools and includes a built-in electric exposure meter and through-the-lens viewfinder.

Most K-3s in North America and Europe have a Pentax M-42 lens mount, but you occasionally see the older Russian bayonet mount. As far as I’m aware, it’s not compatible with any Western lens system, so check before you buy.

A full wind of the hand-cranked clockwork motor will give you about 25 seconds of shooting time – more than enough for most simple scenes. It should come as no surprise that something that looks like a tank also sounds like one, too. The K-3 in action sounds like a shoulder-mounted sewing machine. Don’t expect to go unnoticed as you shoot with this beastie.

If you’re seriously considering the purchase of a K-3, my recommendation is to buy a serviced and calibrated example from a reputable dealer in your country. Expect to pay around $700 in the USA for a ‘new-old-stock’ K-3 kit – including Pentax-mount f/1.9 17-69mm zoom lens, shoulder stock, lens filters, and cable release – in ready-to-film condition.

Krasnogorsk K-3 ‘plus’ cameras for $725
(Kiev USA)
A nice K-3 Manual in English (WARNING: PDF)


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