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Moog Voyager: A Modern Vintage Synthesizer

moog synth

As far as I’m concerned, the modern era of electronic music began in 1970, when Bob Moog crammed an entire synthesizer into a single compact box with a keyboard. Moog, with a PhD in engineering physics, had a long history designing and building ghostly-sounding electronic Theremins and complicated modular systems. As a result, he had an excellent sense of what modules were required to create a versatile synthesizer. He did away with the patch cables by connecting the modules internally in a "normalized" arrangement that has become the standard for nearly all instruments since.

Moog left Moog Music (then part of Norlin Industries) in 1978 but continued his involvement in the electronic music scene. He served as Vice President of New Product Research at Kurzweil Music Systems in the mid to late 1980s, overseeing the development of some of the world’s highest quality digital sampling instruments. He eventually won back rights to the Moog name and resumed production of Moog-badged electronic effect units in the late 1990s.

And so it was that Moog Music introduced the Minimoog Voyager in 2002 – it's an updated version of the Minimoog, the instrument that started the electronic craze in the early 1970s. It’s quaint and expensive by today’s standards, offering only a single voice driven by three analog oscillators. These instruments are built in the USA and designed to last a lifetime. Minimoog Voyager Prices start at $3095.

Bob passed away after a brief illness in 2005, but his company lives on as the sole remaining “Big Name” synthesizer manufacturer in America.

Minimoog Voyager Synthesizer (Moog Music)


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