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TI 99/4A - Ahead Of Its Time

TI 99/4A
Texas Instruments supplied transistors for the world's first pocket radio in 1954. Twenty seven years later, they were manufacturing the one of the most popular home computers in the United States -- the TI 99/4A, an immensely successful follow-up to their 1979 99/4 model.

The machine was extremely well specified: it featured a TMS9900 16-bit processor, a minimum of 16K memory,16 color graphics, and a convenient expansion port. According to Old Computers.net, about 2.8 million 99/4A machines were produced from 1981 through 1984.

The system debuted with a list price of $525, although the cutthroat market of the early 1980s required steep discounts and rebates to keep the machines rolling out of the door. Eventually, the system was redesigned (much like Commodore's inexpensive 64C) to reduce production costs. The newer machines sported a beige color scheme.

Texas Instruments could have had far more success with the 99/4A line if they had shared details about its operation and interface design. This would have enabled third-party developers to design add-on accessories. As it was, TI chose to keep this information to themselves -- probably in an attempt to increase add-on sales.

Texas Instruments 99/4A computer (Old Computers)


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