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Accucraft 'Live Steam' Model Trains


Live Steam. Just let that beautiful pair of words wash over you for a second.

British model maker Accucraft offers a line of sophisticated gas-fired scale model steam engines, like the L & B Baldwin 2-4-2T pictured here. It's a 1:19 scale model of an engine that was manufactured for the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway in 1898.

The L&B Baldwin is fashioned from stainless steel and brass. It weighs 4.3 kg (9.2 lbs), measures 16 inches long, and can be adjusted to run on 32 or 45 mm track. The boiler includes a safety valve, pressure gauge, and water level check valve. It's fully manual, but can be converted to radio control without too much bother (although this seems like blasphemy to me). Expect to pay almost £1000 ($1770) to get one of these for your back-yard railway.

L & B Baldwin 2-4-2T live steam model (Accucraft UK)


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