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Essential Retro book
This feels really weird. I'm proud to announce my first book: Essential Retro: The Vintage Technology Guide. It's a 228 page look at a few hundred of my favorite classic and retro-styled devices.

The text is written in much the same style as this site, except I had the opportunity to go into a bit more detail (including the Betamax vs. VHS format war, a tour of early 8-bit videogame consoles, a guide to Super 8 moviemaking, and more). I was also able to put many topics like obsolete microcomputers and videogaming into chronological order, something that's very hard to do with a smattering of daily posts here.

Order yours today and receive an autographed copy and 10% off the $19.95 cover price. With any luck, it will be in stock at Amazon in the USA and UK (and Canada, I think) sometime before Christmas as well.

Visit the official Essential Retro book site

Update: I announced the arrival of my new book on Thursday. I followed up by sending out e-mails linking to the post on Retro Thing, and then disaster struck -- a flurry of responses telling me that the link was dead. Retro Thing was offline...

In fact, the entire TypePad network was brought to its knees during an almost-routine upgrade on Thursday night. To make things worse, once the site was restored it was showing stuff from last Saturday and posting (and comments) had been disabled. Retro Thing remained a zombie, along with thousands of other popular sites, for most of Friday.

The result was that my book rollout was a victim of Murphy's Law, and that's where you can help. Please spread the word about Essential Retro: The Vintage Technology Guide by submitting tips to your favorite technology blogs, or mentioning it on your own sites and favorite forums.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

Visit the Essential Retro book site

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Ooh, looks like something new for my Christmas list. Love the blog, and I bet it will be even better in dead tree form!

Congrats. I will be looking forward to reading it. I'm split between making it a self Xmas present, or getting some for other people. Truly love the site, so the book must be a winner as well.

I have just discovered your website, and I am impressed!
Keep going, the quirkery and the unusual things in life are fun!

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