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Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Atari Lynx: Color Handheld Gaming in the 1980s

Atari Lynx
The Atari Lynx was the first widely sold handheld color game console. It kinda resembles the modern Sony PSP, although with a much smaller  3.5" 160 x 102 pixel screen. The machine could display 4096 colors, and included two 16-bit custom processors and 64K RAM. The system was actually developed by game company Epyx starting in 1987. It offered a color LCD display with backlighting, along with respectable ergonomics. They eventually realized that Epyx didn't have the capital to bring the product to market and went shopping for a manufacturer. Atari signed on mid-1989, and small quantities of the unit (with Epyx software titles, of course) were available for the holiday season.

Unfortunately, Atari couldn't meet demand for the unit and many people ended up purchasing the cheaper Nintendo Game Boy instead. Atari continued marketing the product through 1990, but its $200 pricetag was almost double the Game Boy's, and Nintendo had a much stronger selection of game titles, most ported from the NES. Sega introduced the Gamegear in 1991, ending the Lynx's reign as the industry's only color handheld. Atari withdrew the Lynx from the market in 1993, focusing their efforts on the next-generation Jaguar console.

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