Few people have heard of it, yet many consider John Blankenbaker's KENBAK-1 to be the first commercial personal computer.

Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Free Atari 2600 Holiday Cartridge

Reindeer rescue

For the past three years, Atari Age has offered free holiday game carts for the original Atari VCS 2600 console. This year's giveaway is a nifty homebrew called Reindeer Rescue, in which a highly pixellated Santa braves the cold to rescue lost reindeer. It's yours for free with a purchase of over $50 from their online store.

Atari Age has another forty or so homebrew titles available for the VCS, all in the twenty dollarish range. There's no longer any excuse to suffer through another dull holiday season of Space Invaders or ET: The Extra Terrestrial (shudder) -- go get yourself a new cart or two. You'll be supporting an excellent site that encourages a vibrant community of retrogamers and programmers. Atari Age also offers an assortment of items for other Atari consoles, the Colecovision, and even the wickedly cool musical Cynthcart for the Commodore 64. Seriously worth a visit [thank Bohus!]

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