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Leica R8 - Beautifully Modern 35mm From The Originators Of The Format

Leica R8

The Ernst Leitz company began experimenting with still cameras that used 35mm film in 1913, and they introduced the first of their famous Leica lineup in 1925. The photography industry has seen innumerable twists and turns since then, but 35mm film is still with us.

The Leitz company is also still around as Leica Camera AG, and their Leica R8 is a beautiful example of modern SLR 35mm technology. It's not the fanciest in their lineup, but it's features are definitely a cut above. It offers top-notch solid metal construction, an exceptionally bright high-eyepoint viewfinder, and a choice of manual or automatic film advance. The shutter is adjustable between 32 seconds and 1/8000 second, and it accepts standard Leica R-bayonet lenses.

Leica R8 review by Hans Petter Strifeldt (photo.net)
Leica Camera AG main site (US English version)


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