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Racing Through Paris

Ektopia featured a link to the classic driving film C’etait Un Rendezvous -- the adrenaline-filled brainchild of director Claude Lelouch, filmed in 1976. It's nine minutes of uncut, unaltered footage shot from the front bumper of a car racing through Paris at unconscionable speeds in the wee hours of an August morning.

There are zillions of rumors swirling around this one, some say the car is a Ferrari 275 GTB Lelouch had just purchased, others insist it was his Mercedes 450 SEL. The apparent raison d’etre for the film was that he found himself with an unused gyro-stabilized camera for a short while at the end of a shoot. City authorities denied his request to block off streets for the film, so he did it illegally -- with the help of one or more assistants communicating by Walkie Talkie (which apparently didn't work right, leaving the driver flying blind).

Lelouch was most likely the driver, and may or may not have been arrested following the film’s initial screening, although we’ll probably never know the true story behind this crazy stunt. Available on DVD, should you wish to experience this head-spinner in higher resolution.

Ferrari en Paris [Ektopia]
Google Map showing the car's route with pix from the film
Official Claude Lelouch film site


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