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Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Zweydingers - Retro-Style Handmade Skis


It seems that boutique ski manufacturers are set to tackle the retro market with a vengeance. Joe Zander from Zweydingers in Hemmingen, Germany gave me a shout recently about their line of beautiful handmade skis. They offer five retro-styled designs, each priced at 749 euros with bindings, 599 without. They ship worldwide.

For that price you get 162 cm of sleek handcrafted beauty with a visible wooden core crafted from solid ash, reinforced with fiberglass and titanal inlays on the upper and lower surface. The bindings are versatile Italian-made VIST 311s, with Speedlock Pro racing plates (derived from the new WorldCupAir design).

These are certainly attractive skis and I'd love to strap on a pair to carve up my local hills. They would definitely get attention at the chalet -- at a quick glance they look just like the classic wooden skis in the vintage photos at my favorite ski hideout in Banff, but their shape gives them away as brand new designs. Zweydingers started shipping in November 2005, so reviews should start trickling in any time now.

Zweydingers classic sport design skis 


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