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Future Retro Revolution: Pizza Shaped Music Synthesis


Musical synthesizers are usually dull boring beige or black rectangles with zillions of knobs, buttons and blinky lights. In an effort to spice things up a bit, Future Retro offers the Revolution. It's square, but the controls are laid out kinda like little chunks of salami, mushroom, olives and red pepper on an all-dressed pizza. Their website sums up this unique synth quite tastily. Read on while I cut you a slice...

"From ancient sundials to modern day analog clocks, time has been represented as the circle, a cycle which never ends. For time itself is nothing more than our perception of the revolution of planets as they journey through their celestial orbit. It is this motion we call time which can be measured, divided, and arranged to provide the foundation of music. This circular cyclic theme can furthermore be found throughout music in everything from song structure, and repeating rhythms, to the fundamentals of sound itself, being the sin wave. With this understanding we must conclude that music is cyclic, and should so be represented in its natural form."

Don't let the looks confuse you, though... The Revolution is an honest-to-goodness monophonic analog synthesizer with a nifty 256 pattern sequencer. It includes sixteen preset 24-bit digital effects, just in case you're overcome with the sudden urge to slather your late night snack sequence with cavernous reverb. Six hundred and ninety-nine dollars, at a musical delicatessen near you.

The totally cool round square-but-roundish Revolution synthesizer
(Future Retro)


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