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NES YOBO Clone - $30 Of 8-bit Gaming Fun

Bohus here: Due to poor design, most original NES units have pretty flakey cartridge ports. Nintendo later made a more robust toploading unit, but it only has RF output and goes for huge bucks on Ebay.  Yeah, you could emulate any of these games on a PC, but sometimes you really want to bang the iron of the original console and you need to play games on your big TV, right?

Enter this little unit. For around $30 shipped you can pick up a "Yobo FC Game Console" in any of three snappy color combos. It's about as big as two North American NES games stacked up, is a reliable toploader, and has clean composite video output. The heart of the YOBO is a Nintendo On a Chip like a lot of pirate consoles, but this unit is perfectly legal. The YOBO doesn't include any illicit multicarts, it just plays your classic cartridges, and with an adapter you can play Famicom carts from Japan.

The best part is that you can replace the controllers with original NES hardware. The connectors are the same, so you can use you classic Zapper gun, or any of the myriad controllers that came out for the old boy back then - probably even that darned robot.

Neo Fami YOBO game system (eStarland)
Also available from INNEX


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