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Sonic Impact Super T-Amp Is Now Available

Super T-Amp

The Sonic Impact T-Amp is an inexpensive $35 digital audio amplifier that has been getting serious attention from bargain-seeking audiophiles over the last year. I've written about it several times: here and here. Because of its incredibly low price, the original T-Amp had a few glaring flaws: cheap connectors, a low quality volume knob, and a horrid plastic case that looks like an armoured space turtle. Many do-it-yourselfers recased the T-Amp and connected better audio potentiometers and binding posts.

Sonic Impact was paying attention, and has released the $139 Super T-Amp. It includes a much more respectable metal case along with upgraded controls and connectors. The circuit board has also been significantly redesigned. It uses the same Tripath TA2024 digital amplifier chip as its little brother, so it's limited to 15 Watts per channel although THD goes through the roof above about 6 Watts. You'll need high-efficiency speakers (like these affordable Athenas) to make the most of this rig.

Sonic Impact Super T-Amp (manufacturer's page)
Super T-Amp circuit board compared to the original


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