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Williams MultiGame - This 6-In-1 Arcade Game Uses Original Hardware


Three of my favorite arcade games were Defender, Stargate and Joust. They were all manufactured by Williams, and there was something magical about the gameplay and 19-inch Wells-Gardner display that was absolutely incredible back in 1981. Defender, in particular, took serious effort to master because of the complicated controls and lightning-fast game play. Still, it was a run-away success and is estimated to have grossed over one billion dollars.

Joust Coinop.org is now selling rebuilt Williams games in a 6-in-1 format. The game titles are selected through a menu and run on the original hardware -- no emulation here. You'll find Defender, Stargate, Robotron, Joust, Bubbles, and Splat lurking inside. Each complete rebuild starts with a less-than-ideal Williams cabinet and new 19" Wells-Gardner monitor, power supply, controls, and a refurbished Williams logic board (with additional magic to enable game-switching). The price? A cool $2495. But that buys you the heart and soul of a real Williams arcade machine. Priceless.

Williams MultiGame 6-in-1 arcade machine (coinop.org)


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