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Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Klockwerks - Unique Retro-Sculpture Timepieces By Roger Wood

Artist/clockmaker Roger Wood isn't afraid to experiment. That much is obvious from a quick glance at his marvelous clock designs. He lives and works out of an old munitions factory in central Toronto, surrounded by an incredible collection of clock parts and mechanical odds-and-ends. Honestly, his studio looks like something out of a movie (I've included some photos after the jump). Each fully functional timepiece incorporates a unique assortment of retro brik-a-brak and surreal design. Prices range from a few hundred dollars through a few thousand.

The Art Gallery of Ontario eloquently summed up his work: “These are no ordinary clocks. Toronto artist Roger Wood imbues each piece with an alluring whimsical quality that will fill a room with charm and intrigue. No two clocks are alike and each one features Mr. Wood’s own unique signature: a feather.”

Looking down from the north loft of Wood's studio/home:


The artist's workbench:


A view from the west loft. This is a serious operation:


Klockwerks: Unique Timepieces Designed By Roger Wood (via Treehugger)


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