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Sock Master's Video Game Controller Family Tree

Sock Master

Sock Master (a-hem) has cobbled up a very neat family tree that traces the evolution of home console video game controllers. Consider this your opportunity to discover that Ms. Sega Dreamcast Controller is actually the great-great granddaughter of the SNES controller.

Here's how Mr. Master explains himself: "How did the current home-console controllers come to be? How have they evolved? You may have noticed some similarities between the current generation controllers, or between them and the previous generations of controllers. So, how do they all tie together?

Let's try to find out. I've put together a chart, or controller family-tree, that tries to connect all the current console controllers with their predecessors. Firstly, I don't think anyone else has tried to do something similar on the web, and second, none of the manufacturers actually come out and tell you who they're borrowing ideas from. This means, a lot of the information presented here is my opinion."

Sock Master's Game Console Controller Family Tree


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