Few people have heard of it, yet many consider John Blankenbaker's KENBAK-1 to be the first commercial personal computer.

Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Lavod PocketPlay MP3/Handheld SEGA Consoles


It appears that Taiwanese manufacturer Lavod is the most recent company to license classic SEGA titles for use in a portable MP3 player/handheld. The tiny PocketPlay 320 (loaded with 20 SEGA titles) and 350 (loaded with 10 titles, despite the higher model number) units feature 2.4-inch TFT color displays. They include games like Sonic Chaos, Ecco the Dolphin, Sonic Spinball, Columns and Fantasy Zone. They both apparently have TV outs, allowing you to burn in enjoy Ecco the Dolphin in all its glory on your 50-inch plasma. The 350 also features an SD Card slot and a USB 2.0 port (and one would assume that the 320 also has some sort of portage for uploading tunes)

No word on price, but they were supposed to be rolled out at this year's CeBIT show in Hanover which ended on March 15th. The Lavod site doesn't have any information on these little units (I never understand companies that shoot themselves in the foot like that), but pics and info are filtering out through the blogsphere. Lets hope these devices are affordable and fun to play.

MP3 Player Gets Sonic Boost (eurogamer.net)


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