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Orbitz - the Soft Drink, not the Travel Service

Orbitz drinkTime for a confession.  In 1997, my friends and I were roadtripping to an Amiga convention.  At a gas station, we saw Orbitz for the first time - a new fruity soft drink... with "balls" in it.  The candy balls don't sink or float, rather remaining suspended throughout the clear fluid, emphasizing the lava lite quality of the whole experience.  As a fan of lava lites, I just had to try one.

We all tried the different flavors, and one was more disgusting than the next.  How could something like this possibly have made it to market?  My only explaination is that this was the height of the dot com bubble, a romaticized time when every unconventional and asenine idea could take flight.

I kept this single bottle, and remain surprised that the balls inside haven't rotted or faded.  It's a pretty picture, right next to a lava lite in my office, and I'll never drink it.  Not because I think that it's terribly collectible, but that it's got to be even more terribly bad than nearly ten years ago.  I also have a life rule - never to imbibe a beverage with "things" in it.

If just one of our readers can learn this life lesson from my confession here...

Photos and details of various flavors
A user review
Another review using the words, "deeply gross"


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