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A Worthy Replacement For Kodachrome Super 8 Film

Velvia Kodak discontinued Kodachrome Super 8 film last summer. This caused a serious problem for many amateur shooters, since some Super 8 cameras can't adjust themselves to the film speed of other Kodak film. The result? Many perfectly good cameras were suddenly unusable.

Spectra Film & Video in North Hollywood has a solution: Fuji Velvia 50 daylight balanced color reversal film in Super 8 cartridges. Velvia exposes properly in cameras designed for the old Kodachrome film. It also offers extremely fine grain and vibrant color reproduction. Spectra's President Doug Thomas tells me "The picture obtained from this film is quite impressive. And, as a reversal [projection] film, it still maintains the "vintage" look we all love. Reversal films have a unique, surreal color and contrast that cannot be duplicated in any other medium. People relate the reversal film look to past experiences because news reel footage, documentaries, sports footage, home movies and more were all shot with it as recently as the 80s."

They charge $35 per roll, including processing. Once your film is processed, Spectra can transfer your footage to digital video using a high-quality Super 8 V3 gate on their Rank Telecine equipment. To ensure professional results, their transfer suites are equipped with Da Vinci Renaissance digital color correction systems complete with SGI computer and Kinesis effects.

Fuji Velvia 50D Super 8 Film from Spectra Film & Video


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