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ARRI Breathes New Life Into Super 16 Filmmaking

ARRI 416

ARRI is a German camera manufacturer with a long and distinguished history. They introduced the world's first cine camera with a rotating mirror viewfinder system in the 1936, and have produced thousands of professional motion picture cameras since. The sleek little ARRI 416 Super 16 camera is their first all-new 16 mm design since 1976. It weighs a mere 5.5 kg, including camera, loaded magazine, viewfinder and video assist.

The 416 is well equipped to shoot HD-quality images suitable for television, documentaries, and indie film productions. A state of the art sound-dampening system reduces film transport noise below 20 dB -- quiet enough that you'll wonder if it's operating. The design includes a brand new 400-foot (120 m) shoulder film magazine that's twice the size of the one incorporated into the ultra-compact Aaton A-Minima. All the bells and whistles like integrated timecode and PL-Mount lenses are accommodated, as well.

A wireless antenna (to the right of the ARRI logo in the picture) transmits a video feed to provide a remote video image for the director without requiring an annoying cable snake. A secondary video output allows you to run an on-camera screen at the same time (for use with a Steadicam). The machine also features a beautiful optical viewfinder that was originally developed for their compact ARRI 235 35 mm model.

It goes without saying that a professional camera of this quality will sell for a small fortune, but it should be a smash-hit on the rental market. The first deliveries are slated for late 2006 at a price similar to their current ARRIFLEX 16 SR3 Advanced (approximately € 36,800 plus lenses and accessories).

ARRI 416 Super 16 mm Camera (Manufacturer's product page)


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