Few people have heard of it, yet many consider John Blankenbaker's KENBAK-1 to be the first commercial personal computer.

Koss introduced these headphones over 40 years ago, and they remain affordable favorites to this day.

Did you know the first VHS camcorder was bright red?!


OK, manufacturers. Why is it that the first VHS camcorder was a wicked shade of bright red, but everything you trot out these days is matte black or silver?! I know Canon's experimented with a few muted shades of metallic blue on their consumer lineup, but we need color! Bring on the deep blues, the British Racing Greens, and even a shade or two of lilac if you dare. There. Got that out of my system...

When JVC unveiled the VHS videotape format in 1976, they also introduced a pair of bulky video cameras that could be connected to hefty a 16.5lb shoulder-slung video recorder. The portable video revolution had begun, although the weight of the system ensured that Uncle Nordbert tired quickly at family get-togethers. Sony countered with its own 2-piece portable Beta-format system a couple of years later. Because of the awkward and heavy 2-piece design, early recording systems were too user-hostile for all but the most dedicated videophiles.

Things really began to heat up on June 1, 1982 when JVC announced the new Mini "VHS-C" format. Technically the VHS-C tape was identical to its big brother, except crammed into a case that was about 1/4 the size. They achieved this apparent miracle by reducing the length of the tape to a mere 30 minutes. Even though Sony beat them to market with the first all-in-one camcorder, JVC released their first VHS-C camcorder -- the GR-C1 -- in 1984.

The format proved amazingly popular because you could insert the little VHS-C tapes into special adapters to play them in a standard VHS video player. Believe it or not, twenty four years later JVC still offers a sizable lineup of low-cost VHC-C camcorders. I'm amazed that there are still a few analog holdouts out there!

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