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Prophet64 Music Cartridge Released Today


Here's a P-64 update: The Prophet64 SID music cartridge for the Commodore 64 is finally shipping. They've revamped the site to provide much more information about each of the programs. This looks like seriously old-school fun...

Prophet64 includes four retro-styled music programs on an honest-to-goodness cartridge for the Commodore 64. The cart is priced at a mere 39 euros (about $50) and takes advantage of the C-64's fantastic built-in SID analog synthesizer chip. It'll be available in a few weeks, but if you just can't wait to try it It's available now. And word has it that some versions of the Commodore DTV 30-in-1 game unit will run this software...[although without the analog filter]

"The Prophet64 is a plug and play hardware cartridge for the Commodore 64. It contains four different applications (sequencer, mono synthesizer, bassline TB-303 clone and drummer) providing the 21 century musician an easy and cheap way of integrating the C64 platform and it's legendary audio circuit into the modern studio." Someone is even working on a MIDI interface!

Visit the Prophet64 site


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