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Robot Fan - NES R.O.B.'s Twin Brother?


Chicago has been hot the past few days.  Damned hot.  I'm not a big fan of the heat, usually jumping into Lake Michigan to cool off - but the Lake is still too cold to swim in.  The only thing left to do is crank up the AC and play video games all day, right?  We survive thanks to window air conditioners augmented by a few fans, arranged using my rather tenuous grasp of physics.

I used to use old and stylish finger-chopper metal fans, but they eat a ton of electricity as well as the tips of noses.  Today we use some pretty mundane plastic fans for circulation - novelty fans just don't seem to work very well (Ask me to tell you about the pedestal fan I bought that isn't UL listed.  Scary...).  One notable exception is the robot fan above.  It's a quite nice oscillating fan like one that you might have on your desk, but this one has robot arms and light-up red eyes (but wait... doesn't the heat from the eye-bulbs negate some of the cooling effect of the fan, and... oh, forget it).

Any 80's video game fan will recognize that the fan's design is a complete rip off of the Nintendo Robotic Operating Buddy - R.O.B. for short.  R.O.B. was an unsuccessful add-on robot to the NES, though clearly iconic enough to rip-off for a cheap desk fan.  In sniffing around on the net for info, I found that this fan was also used for a movie promotional giveaway for "Short Circuit".  Robo-Fan got around, it seems.


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