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How-To Films - Improve Your Game in 8mm


For those wanting to get more out of their home movie apparatus than just entertainment, there were lots of commercially made how-to films that offered the viewer tips on how to improve their golf game, pick up that spare, even how to make better home movies!  Here are three examples of such films - two for bowling (and I do actually stink at bowling, so perhaps these films will help?) and another for the noble game of golf.

All three films movies employ slow motion so that you can really analyze the style of the pros.  Remember that this is before elaborate TV sports coverage and instant replays.  Trying to pick up sports tips from a book pales when compared to watching one of these three minute movies.  There are also on screen titles and animation to elucidate further.  One of the bowling films even features an included booklet, making this film a true multimedia experience.


Also pictured above is a handheld viewer.  The idea was that you'd pop in your film, and be able to watch it anywhere  - you don't even need electricity as it uses natural light and is hand cranked.  One of the films mentions such a viewer so that you can check your golf swing against the film right there on the links.  Nice idea.  Funny thing is that these viewers were usually sold for... shall we say... more private viewings of adult fare (shiver).


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